The tea and breakfast is included in the price. Since our caretaker is not a professional cook, he can manage to churn out only the basic breakfast items like poha for the vegetarians and omelette bread for the non vegetarians. We encourage our guests to cook by themselves. The kitchen is equipped with refrigerator, gas, microwave oven and water purifier to help you prepare your own food. Also, you can get basic food supply for cooking from nearby local market.

There are good restaurants close-by like Sneha garden (click here for map link) from where food can be ordered, however you will have to go and get the items by yourself.

We have arrangements for barbecue and camp fire, though the items to be barbecued needs to be bought by the guests.

Things to do:

The Brick house has a rustic feel, closely connected to the outdoor, away from the cares and stress of the urban life.

1. You can go for a walk in the rural neighbourhood.
2. Have a bonfire and barbecue in cold nights.
3. Go visit a wild farm or go for a small treks in the nearby locality.

Other things to keep in mind:

This is our home in a rural setting and it does not cater to customers as a hotel. Also network sometimes in an issue so kindly bear in mind that the caretaker might not be available at times.

Our home is open to the nature and vice versa. We have occasional visits from the animal kingdom, like couple of harmless baby bats taking a round in the house once in a while. Do not panic and instead enjoy the slow life of a village.

People who feel cold easily are advised to carry sweaters, socks and gloves to keep warm since the house is relatively open. If you enjoy being carefree with nature, this is one of the places to be. People terrified of insects or having dust allergies, this is probably not the place to visit without precaution!

If you are looking for a typical villa enclosed or air conditioned with four walls, then this is not the place for you. This place is apt for people who love nature and want to spend some time out of the city.